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Lisa’s Home Pet Care Pet Sitters serving Limerick, PA 19468

Lisa has been a Limerick pet sitter since the early 2000s.

Limerick is located within Lisa’s standard service area.

Schedule an appointment with Lisa or call +1 610.287.2940

About the Borough of Limerick, PA.

Limerick, PA is located in scenic Western Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. It’s postal code is 19468. It’s area code is 610.

Limerick was the early home of nuclear power.  The Limerick power plant was constructed during the mid 1970s and became fully operational during the mid 1980s.  At the time of construction, Limerick was sparsely populated.  Today, Limerick is a thriving community and has recently been host to many outlet stores (not true outlet stores like Reading was famous for).  It is located off the now busy Route 422 corridor between King of Prussia, Pottstown, and Reading.

For those looking for a terrific and very reasonably priced place to eat, Lisa recommends the Sun Rise Cafe.  The food is great and the service is always friendly.  Their telephone number is 610.409.8420


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